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Joe Karas, Silver Hill, Silver Hill Boys, Secret Railroad Club

Joe Karas has fond railroad memories that go back to the 1950s when his family visited his paternal grandfather in Greenfield, Massachusetts. His grandfather’s home provided a view of busy railroad tracks with almost continuous train traffic.  As a boy, Joe was tagged with the saying, “There isn’t a train I wouldn’t take, no matter where it’s going.”

Professionally Joe is a freelance performer and TV production freelancer. His specialty is TV production/TV camera operator for primarily sporting events.  In addition, he works corporate projects, network features, and political specials including the first televised presidential debate in Boston, 2000 and the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Boston, Fox News. 

The pure poetry of trains and railroading, railroad history, railroad photography, and railroad memorabilia remain a special part of his life. 

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  1. Linda Crawford permalink
    August 7, 2010 1:56 pm

    I’ve just started to read this book and find it charming! Can’t wait to finish it. Linda

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