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Silver Hill Boys Wishing You a Merry Christmas

December 15, 2014

trainMERRY CHRISTMAS  2014 &
Happy New Year  2015

Just like you and The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club, I Love Christmas!!!  Always an extra special time of year for The Boys and The Club and for you and me.  Sure wish I could be with all of you including, of course, those faithful visitors at Silver Hill this time of year. Reliving the story, retracing many of the locations described in the book. For those of you who have not experienced The Book: Trains and Railroading are the center piece…. However the book brings to life most interesting portions of baseball and Christmas having to do with New England. Some visitors even include trips to a particular cemetery to confirm what is found in the book.
 I’ve been living, full time, in this beautiful, exciting Southwestern part of the state of New Mexico since July of 2013. There will never be a dull moment here. Not for me. In addition to SW New Mexico studies, field trips and adventures, I spent an enormous amount of time studying lines, blocking, rehearsing for three Theatre Presentations. Each play for a different company. Thankfully they were all very successful. I thoroughly enjoyed most every moment. But, I must say, I’m also delighting in taking, what I feel, is a well deserved break.
A New year resolution: Exploring, in depth, the SW NM operations of BNSF, Union Pacific, and Southwest Railroad. I am confident 2015 will be the year! I have been exploring the history of past railroads in this southwestern portion of the state. I plan to share my findings with you in 2015. (Railroads seemed to be everywhere out here at one time. When mining played out, active towns and villages with schools, post offices, hotels, grocery stores faded away. Great fun visiting the remains of these once successful towns. I’ll put together some good information for you in the not too distant future… in 2015.
When at Silver Hill, sending a friendly wave to crews running passenger equipment traveling east and west, please send an extra wave from me. (Thanks!) I think you agree…Silver Hill and the Secret Railroad Club is always somewhere in our minds.
                                             Blessings and
                                              Happy Rails to You!
                                                           -Joe Karas-
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