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New Railroad Experiences and Remembering Silver Hill – by Joe Karas

September 1, 2014
High Green to you!
Yes, it’s been a while. (Actually, too long.) Thankfully, I can assure you all has been well here in Southwest New Mexico. At high peaks most all the time it seems!
Union Pacific (having pretty much replaced Southern Pacific in these parts) continues to roll along rather busy tracks paralleling a lot of Interstate 10.
I look forward to riding the “New Mexico Rail Runner Express” and the  “Cumbres & Toltic Scenic Railroad.”  (Perhaps the most famous of all scenic railroads.) (I bet you do too someday! …If you have not already.) Friends returned recently from a grand time up there. Now, ‘walking on air!’  Spectacular!  Overwhelming! Beautiful!  Words used over and over. Clearly, and understandably, they loved every moment on those NM, CO rails.  Many thanks Marilyn and Chuck for the T-Shirt!! (Now, I get asked all kinds of new questions. And you know I love trying to answer them.)
SRRCfinalFRONTAs of this writing, we’re down to just three books left. None in Hooksett, NH. The three are out here.
Again, I’m very pleased to learn some folks enjoy reading the book, coming back a few months later, reading it again. Sharing the book with children. There are some additions in mind for a second edition, if there is one. I’ve been researching one particular historic event that took place not far from Silver Hill Depot. In fact, Silver Hill Depot is mentioned in this almost incredible event. I was not aware of this story until well after the first edition was in print.
The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club continues to be enjoyed even by those who are not big rail fans. The story seems to captivate some people in various ways. I’m still finding there’s enough content in these pages to satisfy a good number of folks in many more ways than one. Thanks again for sharing your comments…Always!
                                                          …Keep enjoying HAPPY RAILS !!
                                                                                            -Joe Karas-
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