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I’ll Bet You Were Wondering…

November 24, 2013

Here it is, November 2013, and here I am… a full time resident of southwest New Mexico!  My interest in the southwest American desert began as I watched my first TV western in the 1950s.  Majestic mountains, canyons, desert cactus, wide open spaces filled with endless mystery and excitement.  Western comic books played a role as well.

The Butterfield Trail, Lincoln County War, our own Concord, NH coaches transporting people across the desert.  Almost living in the shadow of Cooke’s Canyon, one of the three most dangerous places to travel through during the years between 1850 – 1888.  Massacre Valley, the remains of Fort Cummings, so much to explore and study and photograph.

I’ll always have special roots in New England, but at last I’m here full time in the desert and I love it.  As most all of you know, Silver Hill is always somewhere in my mind.  New England memories are deep and more than plentiful.  Seventy years in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Honestly good, precious years!

NMpostcardBlueI sold my Derry, NH properties last May 2013 and rode into town out here in July 2013.

Southern Pacific trains run beside long portions of Interstate Rt. 10 hauling freight loaded in Los Angeles heading east, returning to Los Angeles along the same basic route.  Two long, one short one long crossing into and out of the outskirts of town.  I’m living where the Second Transcontinental RR was completed.  A ceremonial Silver Spike joined the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads in 1881.  My postcard celebrating this historical event is selling well out here and at RR shows “back east”.

Please send an email for your card courtesy of “the Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club”.  Remember to include your name and address.  I am still

Happy rails to you from New Mexico, U.S.A.

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