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You Will Enjoy the New Merriam Street!

February 16, 2012
It’s February!  Here’s hoping you enjoyed a Happy Valentine’s Day 2012.
I look forward to taking a photo of Merriam Street… looking up the hill toward Silver Hill Bridge. The town did a wonderful job re-surfacing the road, marking the road with bright white paint, and replacing the broken guard rail along the sidewalk with a fresh, brand new one. Usually I have a camera in the car. The last several times…no camera. I just want you to see how nice things look at Silver Hill. I WILL take a photo for you. Thanks for your patience! Silver Hill, The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club, Railroad enthusiasts, books about trains, young people's book about trains, railroad hobbyists, growing up in the 50s, Joe Karas, Flying Yankee
I must say Peter’s special tuna sandwich receipe has been well received by those who have taken”The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club” Tour. Pete’s tuna sandwich has become a special part of the tour! Brings a lot of smiles! Great fun!
Happy Rails!
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