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Those Silver Hill Boys…

January 16, 2011

Date Nails, Railroad ties, railroad tracks, railroad enthusiasts, Joe Karas, Joseph Karas, The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club, nostalgia books, New England nostalgia, Later in life, three of The Silver Hill Boys (Men)  began collecting Railroad date nails. An elderly Uncle of one of the Silver Hill Boys designed and constructed a unique display unit for some of his nephew’s date nails.

Made entirely out of wood it features a section of RR track with ties. Measures approximately 8X18 Inches. Small holes drilled into the ties are filled with date nails. (Sure beats keeping them in an old rusty can.) This way the nails, placed in order, beginning with the year 1926, can be seen and enjoyed.

High Green! Clear Tracks Ahead!

Boston & Maine, Railroad enthusiasts, Date nails, The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club, Silver Hill Boys, Joe Karas, Books about trains, Nostalgic books, Railroad hobbyists

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  1. January 17, 2011 12:22 am

    Fascinating to learn about RR “date nails”. Plenty of info available via Google.

    I plan to keep my eyes open with hopes of personally extracting at least one from a rail. Have a hunch where some may still be found on abandoned and/or little used track on Cape. Spring project.

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